Annalisa Filippi was born in Trento in 1976. She graduated from Alessandro Vittoria Art Institute in Trento. Student of Riccardo Guarneri and Ennio Finzi in 2001 she graduated with honors in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.In 2000 she attended the International Academy of Art in Salzburg with Giulio Paolini and lived in the Lanesateliers artist residence in Künstlerhaus in Salzburg.She became part of the Association of Venetian. Engravers and took part in specialization courses in artistic engraving at KAUS in Urbino with Mario Guadagnino and Giovanni Turria and “Architecture and artistic and iconographic composition at the service of the liturgy” by Archbishop’s Curia of Trento, C.E.I., I.U.A.V. and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.In 2013 she obtained a three-year degree in Opera Singing at the Bonporti Conservatory in Trento with Mattia Nicolini.

Annalisa Filippi expresses herself through an abstract, informal, objective painting; her research investigates the human body built through tangles of signs that spread in space and come to life through the contrast of monochrome backgrounds.Her works are part of private and public collections in Italy and abroad. She has been selected and awarded in several competitions: 2021 DeSidera International Art Festival, LYNX 2019 International Prize of Contemporary Art, in 2018 is Artist of the year Comune Pergine Valsugana TN, in 2014 exhibited at MART (Museum of Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto) within the project “IN RESONANCE” curated by Francesca Bacci. She lives and works in Trento.

Artist statement

My work is an exploration of human relationships through a pictorial language in the reflected mirror of a liquid society where the humans are looking for their identity.Human beings and Nature, listening to Hearth and its shapes, the breath inside and outside of us, in an attempt to overcome our tidy human borders; these are the focus of my research. 

The pictorial surface is to me a place of propulsion tension between the physical limit of the body and the immaterial lightness of dreams.Anatomical vestiges are filled of a dynamic empty, like a cavity ready to welcome and to preserve its strength in fluid movements made of colour and background masses which sculpt these presences – absences, in an incessant game between fortuity and willpower.



Bachelor degree in Opera Singing with professor Mattia Nicolini at Conservatory Bonporti in Trento

Painting degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, classes with Riccardo Guarneri and Ennio Finzi

Master of Arts degree at the Arts State Institute A. Vittoria in Trento


International Artistic residency at Fontys Academy, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Advanced course in artistic engraving at KAUS in Urbino with Mario Guadagnino and Giovanni Turria

Obtains the qualification for teaching History of Art and Drawing and Art Education at the Cà Foscari University of Venice.


Trieste, The direction of my staying Tivarnella Art Consulting Gallery, curated by Enea Chersicola, catalog

Pergine TN, Silent Dialogue, CONTEMPO Gallery curated by Francesca Rizzo Dora Bulart

Pergine TN, Sala Maier, Perpetual Red, curated by Dora Bulart

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Group exhibition

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Milan, SAC Spazio Arte Contemporanea PROFILES edited by Nicoletta Candiani

Trieste, Camera Sexstas Desidera International Contemporary Art Award curated by Enea Chersicola

Altopiano della Vigolana TN, Large format engraving, Palazzo Bortolazzi

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Exhibits at the Magnificat collective at the Diocesan Museum of Trento UCAI 2003

Collective exhibition Aspects of engraving today in Gaiarine (TV)

Collaborates on the performance of the artist Solacow at the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

Works with the American artist Flora Viale in educational workshops as part of the Midsummer Magic Events in Sarnonico (TN)

Enigmi collective engraving of the Mirano matrix (VE)

Exhibits at the collective exhibition of young artists Bevilacqua the Masa of Venice 


Awards and selections

Desidera Festival Award, solo exhibition Trieste curated by Samantha Benedetti and Enea Chersicola, catalogue

International Contemporary Art Award, personal exhibition LYNX 2019, Trieste curated by Enea Chersicola and Riccardo Tripodi catalogue

First prize in the competition for the Rovereto TN school complex with the work Guarda!

First prize in the competition for the Sant’Orsola Terme TN gym with the opera Eureka

Wins the competition for the Theatre of Pergine Valsugana TN with the opera Beyond the gaze, I look.

First prize for young Federculture artists of Rome as representative of the Trentino region

Enter the project Incontro with the artists, audiovisual catalogue of the artists who work in Trentino, curated by Julia Trolp

Winner of the national competition for young artists as representative of the Trentino region, Federculture (Rome)

Second prize in the Author’s White Pages competition, a work published by Luca Beatrice

Selected at the Biennial of Contemporary Italian Engraving, Tiepolo Prize

Wins the second prize in the National contest of graphics and humour In vino veritas of Siena.

Selected at the Musummano Terme engraving competition

Selected in the Il Bisonte engraving competition in Florence

Selected at Bevilacqua la Masa, Venice

Wins the Biennial Contemporary Engraving Award Tiepolo Mirano Award (VE).



Creates the Via Crucis for the Oratory of St. Anthony of Padua, Lazise VR Italy

Creates the scenography for the theatre – dance show BRIATA_Deos, Trento Italy

Trento, Caritro Foundation Collection, Mixed media material on canvas 70×70 cm 2013

Pergine Valsugana TN Theatre, Opera Beyond the look, I look, 164×130 cm, competition for the beautification of public buildings

Sant’Orsola Terme, TN, Eureka Installation, Competition for the beautification of public buildings

Creates the Alfa – Omega mosaic for the Baldessari park, Albiano TN Italy

Creates the mosaic work Light at the Lisignago Rest Home Italy

Creates the mosaic work Earth and Fire at the La-Vis wine cellars in Val di Cembra with artists from Trentino and Melbourne (Australia)

Creates mosaic wall for the new park in Albiano, (TN) Italy

Creates the wall mosaic Armonies at the Municipal Theatre of Albiano, TN Italy


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